Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you really want what you say you do?

I work at a bike shop, yet we are a corporation, therefor, we abide to what corporate wants. Customer Service is a huge factor. We pledge 100% satisfaction, and sometimes it seems to be 1000% satisfaction. Here a re a couple examples from just my store.

Example 1:
Customer buys a bike for 1300 bucks, rides it for a year. Never once was the bike taken care of. He began bringing the bike to us after buying from another store. WE fix the bike for free, he rides it, doesn't take care of it, then brings it back for us to fix again expressing his gross discontent for the product our company sold him. We fix it, it comes back, etc. This goes on for about 3 months. Not once did the bike ever come to us showing any signs of the customer fulfilling his obligation of regular maintenance.
Long story short, he cries, calls the District Manager, and gets a full refund a year later.
This pissed everyone I work with off, seeing how this guy totally took advantage of us, and did it smugly.

Example 2:
Cutomer buys both a road bike and mountain bike from Performance. After 3 years of owning these bikes, the customer writes a 5 page letter to our corporate office and complains of how his bikes rust too easily, and therefor are defective products.
I don't care what bike you own, if you payed $10-10,000, you leave it outside, it will rust.
But this customer was rewarded for his own negligence. He recieved at no cost, two bikes to replace the ones he bought, each costing 3 times the cost of the original bikes.

Now, where am I going with this? I work in a shop full of people (not all) who are open about a vision of a Socialist America.

Yet, all these people are deeply disgusted with how these customers were rewarded despite our deepest efforts to help them with their problems.

Now, how does re-distribution of wealth work? Just like what my co-workers are upset about. Performance spread their wealth to the others who wanted expensive stuff, but just couldn't afford to do it honestly.

In a socialized America, which sadly I see more and more people craving, the dishonest, the trash of society will be empowered.

Socialism may sound wonderful to some, but I know that the act of it is something no one can logically accept. Sadly, many minds are distorted, and I know why. I go to college in California. Every class I have had this semester has attacked conservatism in an "artful" manner, in order to influence students.

So now when I see people taking advantage of our "customer satisfaction", I shut them dow, hard, if its not legit. I have a reputation now at work for being tough on returns.

"Oh, your computer doesn't work? Let me show you that it really does...NO REFUND!!"

Basically I'm just sick of people who take advantage of things, ruining it for others. Thats ultimatley why there can never be a perfect world, these people will always be around.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Do We Believe What We Do?

I could write on this topic infinitley, one thought leads to another and to another, and it could go forever, to spare you and my fingers I am going to attempt to present the basis of my thoughts as quickly and direct as possible and hopefully let your own mind take it from there.

Why do we beleive what we do?

We are products of our enviroment and our ideas are formed from what we experience in life; in the enviroment which we exist.

We have free will and reach a point in life where we can choose an enviroment to exist within; such as work, school, sports, friends and social ativities.

As we have the free will to choose our enviroment we also have the same will to absorb beliefs and opnions discriminatley.

Yet, we are limited to absorb only which is present in the enviroment we chose to be in.

Right and wrong is deciphered through which we choose to absorb.

We are limited to absorb what is within the enviroment we chose.

We choose our enviroment.

We choose right and wrong.

Right and wrong is not as clear cut s black and white.

We do not choose blck and white, they already exist, they are immortal.

Right and wrong is not.

As we journey through life and disagree with others, lets remember that as we have chosen what is right and wrong, they have to.

Arguments are futile, we can not change anothers enviroment which they chose, which creates their beliefs.

But one can be a part of anothers enviroment and provide a part of your own enviroment to be shared.

If you let another persons enviroment affect your own too much, then it is your fault, because we you chose on your own.

...ok, I lost myself, my mind is going in too many different directions now to interpret through text.

Ummmm, hopefully this was somewhat interesting, but I don't care, my mind is stimulated.

By the way my "A" button doesn't work well.

And finally as I write this watching American History X, remind me to write a blog on it.

Oh finally finally, it is extremely difficult to articulate my thought in such a primitive form as writing...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Obama Won

Because his opponent looked just like Cotton Hill...Hank's father from King of the Hill.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For some reason this topic has been on my mind recently, not sure why exactly but it's popped it's ugly head out and instead of beating it down like we all do to ugly things, I've been trying to find it's beauty, or perhaps, it's reality.

NO, I am not saying racism is beautiful, instead I am saying that many things often protrayed to be racist are in fact acts of human compassion which are misinterpreted.

Racism is often defined by society as an act of prejudice, favoritism, hate, dislike, contempt, etc. against a race other than one's own.

If I were to tell a Mexican that I don't have time to fix his bike right now, then tell a white guy mintues later that I will do the same job on the spot, then I am guilty of racism. Or am I?

If life was so clear cut, black and white, good and evil, sweet and sour, Linkin Park and good music, then yes, I would be racist.

But, what many fail to see when judging a person on an act they see as racism, is the inner connections between the people.

It is human nature to help others whom we can relate with. Although for me, being white is not something I find I relate with other people, however being American is. I also relate to other people who share my interests, others who go to my school, people who like the same music, etc.

When at work, am I more willing to work a little harder, or to do something I don't really want to do in order to help a person I relate with? YES. (or a hot girl, a curse of all men)

Is that wrong? I don't think so, everyone is this way. If a common bond is formed between two people, than most good people will be compassionate and help to the best of their abilities this other person who is in need.

How doe this apply to racism? Because things often construed to be racist aren't.

My boss, Yasser is an immigrant to America. He is a great American and I am proud to work for him. Yet sometimes, he will take a job in to be done before others. It is commonly from a hispanic person, and sometimes I end up doing the work despite having a full workload already.

Now, I could construe this to be racist giving preferential treatment to someone because they are hispanic.

But it's so far from racism.

The reason Yasser repeatedly will take in work on the spot from other hispanics is because he is a good person. He understands a strangers plight having been through it himself, and will selflessly do what he can to help a person whom he can relate to.

Many can judge these actions as a form of racism, I judge it as an act of compassion.

The more we can relate to someone else, the more we are willing to help them, it's human nature. It may be because we share the same religion, or we came from the same country, or perhap we shared a school. It doesn't matter. Fact is, most people are good.

So in conclusion, is the world full of racists, are we all racist to some extent, or are we just humans doing the best we know how?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my mind wanders

Going through my text book for my business class I came across a term which had a definition which got me thinking.

Although it seems to be a dead subject, "everybody knows this already" type thing.

I quickly realized that amongst me in class everyday are young, manipulative, naieve, and impressionable kids straight out of the confines of high school just now seeing a slight glimpse of light protruding from the reality of life.

Hence, they are easily swayed by what they are taught.

So this here is what they are taught.

"Affirmative Action: Employment activities designed to "RIGHT PAST WRONGS" by increasing oppurtunities for minorities and women."

So by now you are probably thinking I'm about to go off on "right past wrongs" but I'm not. Hopefully, that would be preaching to the choir.

What has me going now is the exclusion of white males. The ONLY group in our country that does not fall into the category of minorities and women.

As a white male I am strongly opposed to this, and I don't mean the concept of affirmative action. I am upset over the demonization of me, my brother, my father, and friends.

Ok, I'll be honest, I quickly got over such a petty thing...until I read the next term and definition.

"Reverse Discrimiantion: Discrimination against whites or males in hiring or promoting."

ALRIGHT! Here we go, that makes up for the knock on white guys! I dig it.

Then I began to think, a curse of mine.

I thought, "Wait a minute, white males are once again being segregated from the rest of our society. A portrayal of people ignoring their own racism by screaming racist the other way. "Reverse Discrmination"? Is that confined to one class of people? What an attack on the people included, the ONLY people included in this definition, white males! Does reverse discriminaion not apply to Armenians and Turks? Jews and Aryans? Sunnis and Shiites? North Koreans and South Koreans? Africans and South Africns? Russia and the world?
Can reverse discrimination not apply to some people in these countries who might discriminate based on past conflicts?"

I guess my point to all this is, I don't know...REALITY!

These things are taught in a lot of schools, although seeming miniscule, it really adds to a broader reality.

I have no problem listening to political, racial, opiniated comments of my professors, because I know I am smart enough to create my own beliefs.

However I do see "discrimination" and "reverse discrimination" daily, at work and school.

Sadly the acts of "Reverse Discrimiation" far out weigh discrimination.

But the acts of discrimination are not limited to white males.

It is one race against ALL others. There is not a limitation to white males, all minorities are not united with other minorities.

It is racism that is accepted to be OK by our society, just as long as it is not a white male commiting it.

Now I tangentially strayed in this post, but my ultimate message (totally separate from when I started) is...

Racism is born within everyone despite race, but some of us are able to over come this.

Do you? Do you really? Would yoiu treat a person who is a dead on stereotype for their race differently? Or would you chuckle a little because you just saw a stereotype to be true? Is that racist? Are we all racists still? Or has the definition of racism been changed to a definition that is actually socially acceptable?

Kind of like Gay no longer means happy...although most seem to be overly happy.

Final question...

Do YOU always take me literal? If so...when will you find that key to unlock your mind?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

As the World Turns, the Simpsons Reveal the Truth

The Simpsons, spot on.

I've been a fan of the Simpsons for a long time, I remember not being allowed to watch the show when I was younger. But my siblings and I were persistent, we turned the Simpsons on when we could. Eventually my parents slowly saw the humor, the adult humor (which I didn't see all of at the time) and gradually objected less to the display of this Fox program on our television. Although it was rare, occasionally my father would let out a subdued laugh during the show but quickly re-established his paternal presence as a stern fatherly figure. I saw his enjoyment, and it created an even greater liking for The Simpsons.

To get to the point, one thing in life which I look forward to in life is the Simpsons, m-f, 11:00pm. All re-runs, all funny.

Tonight the episode was Homer running for Sanittion Comissioner. How it got to gotta watch, but the overall message is clear.

I'm sure Fox had no idea at the time of the message...being such a liberal tool, but unknowingly they hilighted some key things.

To sum it all up..."Love Day" is created in Springfield...the citizens mindlessly accept it, Homer tries to throw the "Love Day" trash out and gets mad at the trash men.

He eventually decides to run for waste management commisioner and wins.

At the end, he messes things up so horribly, the town has to move five miles down the road to escape what Homer has done. does this apply to anyhting at all relevant?

Let me explain.

When Homer first speaks to the masses, it's at a U-2 concert. What sticks out is when Bono says the "people of Springfield" and the crowd goes wild just hearing their name. I remember being at a Mason Jennings show where in one of his songs he mentions los Angeles. When he did, everyone (hipsters, liberals, pretentious f*&$s) applauded. But he was talking about how crappy LA is and how excited he was to get out.

Yet, he said LA to the masses and they were easily amused despite what he was really saying.

Homer eventually wins saying things like "I'd be the most wack, tripped out Sanitation Commissioner ever!"

And "My Men will do ALL your MESSY jobs!"

Homer wins in a landslide.

After winning Marge asks Homer, "But can the garbage men really do all the things you said?"

The show goes into a musical of "The garbage man can"

Eventually all of Homer's promises of having the Trah Men doing all the dirty jobs which no one wants to do runs into a financial crisis leading to the town relocating because of the calamity of futile promises.

So does this relate to anything? Well, maybe some of you are catching on by those who aren't...sorry, go kick someone in the nuts out of frustration because you are unable to see the results of false promises and ideology destined to screw our country.

Love you all.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

As the world changes

So will my blog, be patient, a new direction will be taken, one which few may be able to handle, yet the survivors shall be blessed with rants and raves no one in their right mind should listen to...