Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If you have a short attention span...DON't READ!! Random thoughts I hardly understand myself

(To begin, my spelling on certain words is not perfect, so you linguists, doctors to be and anyone else, I'm trying:) ) So, after speaking to Eric, I decided to actually continue on this whole posting, blogger, spill your guts thing. He said it's more interesting to hear more than the monotnous mumbo jumbo of ones daily life which is good to read about, especially knowing the person, but insights developed through those daily activities tend to be of more intrigue. So, I guess I will let y'all know my mind a bit more, whether your interested or not, I know you love me and will read this anyways..lotm.From the Amazon gift certificate I got over Christmas I decided to buy movies opposed to books, I got plenty to keep me riveted for awhile from gifts over bear with me, this may take awhile to get to a point, whether I have one or not, I'm still uncertain at this period of the blog. Anyways, the first movie to arrive today was 'Another State of Mind'. Yeah, your all like I've got no clue what that is but to keep it simple it is a documentary on the punk rock scene in the very early 80's, before I was even born. Now put away all pre-conceptions of what my impressions on this movie are...they're probably wrong. In this movie, a few bands of this genre are documented through various ways, bands which I enjoy listening to and have respect for...this being filmed 25 years ago.As I watched I saw what I see in the bands today...the same thing. Although appearances differ now, the same attitude, for the most part, exists. I could get into depth how certain parts of this film affected me in certain ways, but you wont be interested in that. INstead, let me tell you how it made my mind wander to other categories. Somehow, one of these was the middle east. I know, its strange but thats where my mind went. Lets slow down a bit, how do I compare early 80's punk rock to war in the middle east? Simple, the mindset, the progression of life, the desire for difference, the evolution of mankind; all seem lacking in both these societys(?). 25 years later the bands in this film I watched are ultimatley with the same mindset (with a couple exceptions), although more musically accomplished, they still seem to be where they were , 25 years later. Now, I dont know where I will be in 25 years, but I do hope, no matter what I feel today, that my mind will be far different. I know it has changed just in the past year, and even more so in the past 5. Getting to my point, if I even have one, the people of the middle east (for the most part) seem to be stuck in this same grind. Why is this war in Iraq not working out like we want? Why does most of this country seem not to back our leader? Why do most Americans rebel against any act of war, whether its to protect us from future events or current events? LET ME TELL YOU, WHAT IS FED TO YOU AS A CHILD WILL ALWAYS BE PRESENT(hippie children)...there is NO escaping that! Yeah, I'm on the beginning of a rant and dont want to annoy y'all. My point is, as the punk rockers who are what they are because of broken homes, drunk parents, malicious peers, etc...the MIddle eastern people are who they are because of dictators, radical clerics, and fear provided my evil men. BASICALLY, WHAT YOU ARE RAISED AS WILL ALMOST ALWAYS BE THE BASIS OF YOUR EXISTENCE.So to back my point up, using myself as an example. I have been away from religion for quite awhile. But, the things I was taught are always lingering on me. No matter what I do, I can't escape the morals I was raised with. Talk to any of your friends out there and I can almost garuntee you, no matter where they are as a person... what they were raised with will stick to them forever.So getting to the middle east. I support our reasons for being there, and not because I have to. But, is there anything being accomplished? No...maybe the fact Sudam was executed by his own people, not us... but that has created even more sectarian violence, sunnis and shiites. Going back to what you are raised with sticks with you. Most the shiites today were raised under a tyranical rule of Sudam. Sudam being a Sunni, they were taught, raised, conditioned to hate Sunnis. The same time Sunnis were raised the same about the Shiites. No matter what we do, how hard we try, we cannot over come this human nature to follow what shaped our youth. Finally, the world will end because of us. humans are too weak to accept new things, this has been proven for thousands of years, although not everyone is like that, the majority of the human race, I believe, really is. We are our own worst enemy.Now why am I writing this? I dont know, y'all dont care much, but I told Eric I would write about where certain things take my mind. I never thought a punk rock documentary would take my mind here, but it did so I wrote about it. I stop now cause I'm losing myself, so much to be said, but while writing on improv...well...lets just say its hard for me.I'll try not to rant in the future, its hard to say everything I want to, especially with no opposition as I write to expand on my thoughts....but if this bored you...blame Eric, he told me to do it~!!! I love you all.


facelessghost said...

Personally, I don't think that was boring.

SCJay said...

I don't either. That was pretty profound and it's got me thinking. Keep it up!
Love you too!

Kelsey said...

You should post again!