Saturday, February 24, 2007

Alright, I finally got internet set up in my room so access to the web is a bit more convenient now. Don't know what to write about exactly so I think I will start to tell you about where I am with pics included so y'all can get a feel for my surroundings. There are a bunch of water inlets everywhere from the ocean, expensive homes and docks cover all the shores, everywhere you drive around the coast you're taking bridges to get to different sounds or whatever. The sand is white, the water is clear and warm and just a different style of ocean and beaches than we are used to back in Cali. Lots of jelly fish in the water and washed up on shore, many varieties of sharks, fish, and sting rays in the water. Inland, we have gators, water mocassins and BANANA SPIDERS. This freaks me out a lil cuz where the mtn bike trails are, the spiders are to. I can stand lots of creepy creatures, but not spiders, I hate them and they freak me out more than anything. So lets just say I'm not looking forward to riding in the shadowy woods and running into a banana spiders hanging out in its web crossing the trail. The people here, except for military, are definatley southerners, this is Southern Alabama after all so you can imagine the type of people. Fortunatley, and I hate to say this, but the military presence is strong and provides a good level of "normal" people.

On a different note, be sure to check out the TV show 'Future Weapons'. I think its on the discovery channel. They were here shooting footage on my units planes. So if you're curious what it looks like on the flight line where I work, keep watching and you'll see the same planes I work on, the same place where I do the work. It's supposed to be out in about 6 weeks, end of March maybe. Just look and listen for AC-130 Gunships, the most feared and relied upon destructive force in the US MILITARY!!!! (Mondays at 2100, not sure for different time zones though)


Anonymous said...

babe, that spider is nasty... ewww!!!!!!!! Just know that i'm going FLIP OUT if i acttally see one in person!

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

We can't wait to come visit you!--We've heard it's beautiful there. (Would you kindly move the spiders out while we're there?) Thanks for the heads up on the program. We'll be sure to watch!

Amy said...

Holy...!! That spider is not on your hand, is it?