Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A disaster in the professional sport world. The biggest event of the sport has been corroded by cheaters. Now, as Rassmussen is kicked out of the race along with what seems to be another rider a day, I wonder how this sport can recover. Americans saw potential for this sport to grow in the states, but seeing how we react to Barry Bonds and other pros who decide to cheat....cycling has absolutley no chance of growing here. In my opinion the amount of athletes busted is unprecedented. The only way the sport may grow in America is if we are too oblivious to the happenings in other countries, which generally is the case.
A word to the Cycling community...if you want your sport to survive and offer the potential for the best to make a living....legalize the act of doping, its not going away. After reading a bit, what I understand is the only way to detect a doper is to find blood cells of someone else inside of you. If I were a pro and wanted to dope, I think it would be a simple solution to just use my own blood and never get caught. Nothing is going to change; after all the heat brought down on riders before this tour, the same thing is still happening. Either quit doping or be smart enough to use your own blood. Either way, don't degrade the sport which keeps the money in your wallet, it's just pure stupidity.


Facelessghost said...

Actually, I think what's happening is a good thing. The difference is not that more riders are doping, but that more dopers are being punished. Things may get worse before they get better, but they will get better (I hope).

And, despite the Barry Bonds scandal, I've heard that MLB ratings are higher than ever. Maybe people aren't as bothered by doping is we'd like them to be?

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

After Rasmussen pulled away so strongly at the end of the race yesterday, my first thought was-- bet he's doping. No surprise later in the day (though that wasn't the specific reason given). Anyway, it's good to see the cheaters being caught. Still, it does leave a sad taint. No one can do something dramatic without being suspected--no matter how innocent he may be. Too bad...

By the way, cheating is rampant--on the job, school, marketplace, etc. etc. Maybe that's why the public doesn't get as angry as one would expect. It's really a shame.