Sunday, February 24, 2008

THE Best Stage yet...

The Tour of California, what a magnificent race. First, it's in CA and we all know its the best state to be in, so right away we know a race w/ CA in the name is destined to be great. I've been watching the race. Slowly, each day, I learn a bit more about the riders and the way guys dressed in spandex battle each other both psycholgically and physically, very interesting stuff.

So today was a stage from the Ventura to Santa Clarita, A good amount of climbing towards the beginning of this 105 mile race then a long gradual ascent into Santa Clarita where 3 laps were done on a 3.5 mile course, then the finish line.

A breakaway started near the beginning and these 6-7 riders held off the Peloton forever! I thought they had it, but then they got caught by the pack and a new breakaway started just miles from the finish. This one got caught too and it came to the final sprint, there were the ones who went too soon and broke down and the one who won.

The rider who won had been in an accident just miles earlier...w/ 3-4 Rock Racing guys.

Now to Rock Racing...many of you have no idea about them, but for particular reasons, they have become the underdog which I am rooting for, so any sign of any of there members taking a stage win....I'm at the edge of my seat. (Today Rock Racing even called my shop looking for some stuff for after their race on Sunday, I was gitty like a schoolgirl talking to them)

Anyways, where am I going with this? I don't know, I never do! I think I'm trying to somehow put into words the emotion, the passion, the motivation, I get from this sports discipline which I have yet to truly understand, but I am so intrigued.

Just watching the race, I am frantically picking who I'm pulling for as the race dynamics change, how I want so bad for those six riders to stay away from the pack but when they get caught and have no chance, I quickly have to pick a new underdog to root for, then everything changes again....and I see my beloved Rock Racing Team all picking up there bikes which are broken from a crash and I feel so dissapointed. Then all of a sudden I see Cippolini (of Rock Racing) coming at the last sprint after the wreckage and I'm ready to scream if he wins, but he doesn't quite make it and the EMOTIONS ARE AMAZING!!

Anyways...I cant wait for tomorrow, last day of the race, it ends just two miles from work (hopefully I can take a long lunch and see it) and Rock is coming to my shop! I love it!


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

It really is exciting. We're SO disappointed that it's a wet, rainy day. Not quite as fun to be there in these conditions. Maybe we'll go, maybe not. But it IS exciting anyway.

Facelessghost said...

I'm glad you're starting to see the light. Just make sure you start spending some time on the road. Otherwise, the only thing you'll see at your first race is the back of the pack as it rides away from you.

Trust me, it's a lot more fun to be off the front.