Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Charlton-Chilao-Horse Flats


Today was a good one. I got a chance to ride with Ben and Michele who recently returned from a month in Thailand, judging by their stories, it sounds like an awesome place.
We piled the bikes on and in my car and made our way up the crest, although the weather in the basin was OK, once up in the mountains it was nothing but clear skies and clean air. I have to say I often take for granted the beauty of the mountains which I have spent so much time in over the years, but going up there with Ben and Michele, who have not been there at all or for a real long time, helped to put back in perspective the treasure nestled so close to the madness of Los Angeles.
We got to Charlton where the ride starts and I quickly realized I forgot socks... Ben quickly realized he forgot his MTB shoes. Fortunate for me, Ben had an extra pair of socks in his pockets...? But, sadly my pockets were empty of extra shoes to help Ben. He was able to make due with the shoes he had though and rode surprisingly well with the shoes he had. Fortunately his clipless pedals had a platform, but that only helps a little.
The ride was great, the forest service was cutting up dead trees near where we started,leaving a pleasant scent of pine in the air, a good change to the smell of LA air I am well accustomed to.
We stopped at Horse Flats and pulled out our climbing shoes we had all brought and gave some bouldering problems a try. I'll admit, it's been awhile since I've climbed and to say the least I was a bit rusty, however, Ben and Michele rocked it!
We finished out the trail, all of us riding excellent. Ben met a yucca plant face to face which drew some good blood from his face, unfortunately, the camera battery had already died. The crash was pretty sweet though, something he should be proud of!
We all made it up the brutally steep climb at the end then headed back to civilization, that is all.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Sounds great. Good to see Ben and Michele yesterday!

Facelessghost said...

What--you don't keep spare socks in your pockets?

Abominable Snowman said...

Or spare shoes! It seems that it would be important to always have an extra pair of shoes in your pocket, just in case. Next time you'll go more prepared I trust.

Sounds like you guys had a great time. It is reassuring to know that we have the mountains so close. I supsect most people don't associate Los Angeles with mountains.

We love 'em.

Amy said...

Kelsey keeps spare socks in her purse...

Bennett Rossell said...

See Sean, I'm not so strange afterall. You should see what I hide in my undies!

Facelessghost said...

I'm glad most people don't associate LA with mountains. What makes the mountains so good is that so few people go there.

Michelle Rossell said...

we made it to the blog!! good times! we cant wait to move down there and make that a more common occurrence.