Saturday, October 25, 2008

As the World Turns, the Simpsons Reveal the Truth

The Simpsons, spot on.

I've been a fan of the Simpsons for a long time, I remember not being allowed to watch the show when I was younger. But my siblings and I were persistent, we turned the Simpsons on when we could. Eventually my parents slowly saw the humor, the adult humor (which I didn't see all of at the time) and gradually objected less to the display of this Fox program on our television. Although it was rare, occasionally my father would let out a subdued laugh during the show but quickly re-established his paternal presence as a stern fatherly figure. I saw his enjoyment, and it created an even greater liking for The Simpsons.

To get to the point, one thing in life which I look forward to in life is the Simpsons, m-f, 11:00pm. All re-runs, all funny.

Tonight the episode was Homer running for Sanittion Comissioner. How it got to gotta watch, but the overall message is clear.

I'm sure Fox had no idea at the time of the message...being such a liberal tool, but unknowingly they hilighted some key things.

To sum it all up..."Love Day" is created in Springfield...the citizens mindlessly accept it, Homer tries to throw the "Love Day" trash out and gets mad at the trash men.

He eventually decides to run for waste management commisioner and wins.

At the end, he messes things up so horribly, the town has to move five miles down the road to escape what Homer has done. does this apply to anyhting at all relevant?

Let me explain.

When Homer first speaks to the masses, it's at a U-2 concert. What sticks out is when Bono says the "people of Springfield" and the crowd goes wild just hearing their name. I remember being at a Mason Jennings show where in one of his songs he mentions los Angeles. When he did, everyone (hipsters, liberals, pretentious f*&$s) applauded. But he was talking about how crappy LA is and how excited he was to get out.

Yet, he said LA to the masses and they were easily amused despite what he was really saying.

Homer eventually wins saying things like "I'd be the most wack, tripped out Sanitation Commissioner ever!"

And "My Men will do ALL your MESSY jobs!"

Homer wins in a landslide.

After winning Marge asks Homer, "But can the garbage men really do all the things you said?"

The show goes into a musical of "The garbage man can"

Eventually all of Homer's promises of having the Trah Men doing all the dirty jobs which no one wants to do runs into a financial crisis leading to the town relocating because of the calamity of futile promises.

So does this relate to anything? Well, maybe some of you are catching on by those who aren't...sorry, go kick someone in the nuts out of frustration because you are unable to see the results of false promises and ideology destined to screw our country.

Love you all.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

This election scares me. So much at stake, so many casting votes for empty rhetoric and flowery speech.

Faceless Ghost said...

I'm afraid of more than just empty rhetoric. In the episode Sean's talking about, Homer does do everything he says he will, but he blows through the annual budget in two days. Impossible?