Monday, March 19, 2007


So, I got a good crack to the head from a sledgehammer today. DIdn't hurt really at first until I got up from the crouched position I was in. Then my body felt a pleasant euphoria...not really good, but not painful. I'm ok, the bump hurts, I'd give a pic but the ones I took don't show up well. Anyways, when your head is 6 inches away from a swinging sledge, make sure there is no animosity between you and the operator. Not that there was...or was there? He did crack my skull pretty good....good thing I have a very thick skull.


Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh! How do you have such bad luck?

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Wait till you hear dad's story! (You're your dad's son.) How's that for a tease :-)

Abominable Snowman said...

Yes, the abominable's main squeeze has a point. To be brief, let's just say I was asleep at the switch the other day.

On Monday the crowds were light at Mammoth. I was preparing to ride chair 23 to the top of the mountain. No one else was in line so I skied out to take the lift up. I half-conciously looked to my left for the next chair while being more focused on looking up at the mountain. For some reason I focused on the chair that was one behind the one that would actually pick me up and take me to the top.

Big mistake!! I can only say I was thankful to have a helmet on. When the chair immediatley behind me swept in to pick me up I was not expecting it at all. It caught me totally by surprise! The result was that I was standing to my full hight not expecting to sit down quiet yet.

The top bar of the lift wacked me, and I mean WACKED me, right smack in the back of the head!! What a jolt! Miraculously, I simpley collapsed onto the chair as if nothing had happened (I actually saw some stars that may not have been in the heavens). After I shook it off, I was fine. From a distance it probably looked like nothing had happened.

When I checked my helmet, I found a nice crease that could have been my skull! I am a believer in wearing a helmet, and not always for the obvious reasons.

Anyway, I can relate and hope your head is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck!!! Gee, and I thought being blowen off a big rig was bad. My back broke my fall...sorta. It was parked by the way. Or I'd prob be road kill right now. We just had a east canyon wind come through and I guess I made the wind gods mad or something. I hope your head feels better. :)