Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Donkeys and Reindeer...Are they the same, or both just mystical creatures only seen in movies and fairytales?

I'm glad some of you are writing, its for the stories, they'll be here soon. No time to write much now, but just think of what Kelsey wrote about males and TBI...? 18-25 yrs, right? NO common sense? I think you're right...3 car batteries and a charger hooked to a human chain...(more details to come)...I still have 15 months until I get my common sense. Until then, I'll try not to kill myself. Oh yeah, lesson learned...its not good to not be able to let go of someones when its connected by electricity, hurts a little bit...but stimulating. The fun will be shared when I get a chance, promise.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Ooooh....Talk about a teaser!
I'll be waiting to hear.

Kelsey said...

What the heck did you do?!!?!?!?