Saturday, April 21, 2007

When I say Bow, you say Wow, Bow...

Its been a good week. I finished the engine swap in my truck, I went Mtn biking, I got up on a slackline again, and....I SAW LIL BOW WOW IN CONCERT!!! Yeah, I know, why would I do that? It was actually a volunteer thing. I worked as an usher at the Pensacola Civic Center for CSC, you know, the dudes in the yellow shirts, I'm sure you remember them from the Hollywood Bowl, yup, I was one of them.

I guess I'll start with the Bow Wow show. First off I've never seen so many people in one place with gold and silver teeth (and kids with mouthguards that flashed lights), I've never smelled weed on so many elderly people, and had no idea how hard it is to hold off hundreds of adolescent girls trying to storm a table for an autograph. We literally had a human chain surrounding this guy because he wanted to be nice and sign autographs for fans. It got so out of control maintaing the crowd we had to cut it short as his bodyguard literally carried him out before he was overwhelmed by the love sick fans who had lost all control of sanity. To say the least, it was...interesting. That will be the last time I ever go to a rap show. The performance was boring too, every artist sounded the same, they all used other musicians music just with more bass, and all they did was run around stage grabbing their balls. I guess I'm just too white to understand all of that.

I also finished the truck, it runs great, a huge difference. Here are the pics of the old motor and the new one, yup, it was time for that old one to go. I learned alot during the process, especially how important ground wires are. If one isn't working, electricity goes where it not supposed to, like me. I found a spot with the electricty from the battery going straight to it. It was a "shock" to find. But instead of fixing it right away we decided to scare my friend. There was four of us working the truck. Our brilliant idea was to form a human chain, (thus reducing the amt of shock to each person and making it safe...ish.) We did this, called another friend into the garage, when he came in, we connected our chain to the power and grabbed the victim. Immediatley, all our bodies seized up. Lets just say it was a lot more than we expected. Finally, we were able to break free. We had a good laugh and for some reason felt quite energized after that.

Now I also got my bike, it is sweet, the difference is amazing with the taller tires, and not having to worry about shifting was awesome. A bit harder in places but totally worth it. It just felt more pure riding. It's been awhile since I've hit up a trail so I totally needed this. Afterwards, I set up a slackline on the banks of a lake in the woods and walked it until the sun went down. It was really a great way to spend a Friday evening.

This week was just what I needed, that bit of adrenaline I've been missing is at my finger tips again. I cant be happier.


Kelsey said...

Man, I'm so jealous of you and that concert... : )

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Darn! I guess dad and I will cancel our trip to the rap fest!

Your electricity story was hair-raising (ha ha)!

Facelessghost said...

You know, you could probably ride that bike a lot faster if you raised the seat a foot or so.

Al-Heshima said...

only the weak sit when they ride