Monday, January 7, 2008

Anyone there?

So, I decided to start posting again, motivated by others who have rejuvenated their efforts...Ben, Eric, someone ele probably. Anyways, anyone out there? Am I wasting my time?
Just started or re-started school today, just one class for the winter intersession, but its going to be busy. The teacher expects about 6 hrs of work outside of class for every day in class. After the first day spending about 4 hrs to do the "easy" homework, I think shes serious. It'll be good though, teach me to stay on top of things. Class was good, made sure to strategically position myself in a seat next to a hot girl. Afterall, the first day is most important, everyone always seems to sit in the same place as they do the first far so good.
It's good to be bcak in school, especuially because it will open up more time to ride, not having to work during the good riding times. It'll give me a chance to get to El Prieto and possibly be confronted by some I may have bothered on w/ my big mouth, oh well. They cant catch me anyways. L8r


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

I can testify to the amount of homework. If that was a quick, easy assignment, watch out! It will be good though and you will do great! Good luck!

Abominable Snowman said...

Just so you know, I'm still out here and check your blog pretty much every day. It's been pretty scarce lately. Keep that nose to the grind stone and you'll see results. If you don't, ..........

Have fun!

Facelessghost said...

Funny thing--I checked your blog daily up until about a week ago. Then I quit checking because I figured you had quit writing. Talk about bad timing.

Welcome back to the blogosphere.