Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Commuting by your own POWER

As many of you know I have been riding my bike to work whenever possible. Ultimatley, I began this to save money on gas. The ridiculous gas prices and my ridiculously fuel guzzling truck motivated me, but I have gained so much more than saving money and doing my share to be "green" in a non-liberal inspired way, nothing against liberals, but they aren't the only ones who care about the enviroment. Yes, to get to work in time I have to leave earlier. I began leaving an hour and a half before I had to work, more than I needed to get there, its only 12 miles if I go directly, but it gave me enough time to cool down and stop sweating before I clock in. But now it takes 35 min tops to get there. Only about 15 mins more than driving, not too bad. This is both because I am much stronger now, and I've learned the lil secrets in riding with cars and how to use my driver/pedestrian status to bend laws (safely) to save time.

Anyways, what I have found from commuting on a bike is almost a spiritual journey. Don't take that the wrong way, but by commuting on my bike I eliminate so many stresses that cars provide. Yeah, I still have to deal with cars, but I'm not one of them. On a bike you enter a different world of commute, there is no waiting behind others at red lights, no following that slow old lady who cant drive, or dealing with teh prick in the Porsche who thinks he's God's gift to the road, and no confinement of sitting in a bubble (car) enclosed from nature. As I cruise through the crowded streets on my bike I remain free. The fresh air (or almost fresh) I breathe, the wind in my hair and the adrenaline that flows as I have to react to drivers who act unexpectadley, all provide a natural high for me.

When I get to work in my car, I'm worn out from the journey, and I don't really want to work. When I arrive by bike it's totally different. I'm enthusiastic to get out there and share what I feel about bikes w/ customers who either feel the same passion or for some reason ended up there with the potential to feel what I do, all they need is that enthusiastic person to motivate them, and perhaps motivate them enough to give a try to what this guy seems to love so much. Then, when work is over, it just feels good, instead of everyone getting their keys out, we put on our riding shoes and take off into the night on our bikes. And its not just commuting, its being out on the mtn roads on a road bike using every last ounce of energy to make it up that hill, or to be ripping down a narrow singletrack, taking the drops, flowing with the trail, or just tooling around by the beach on a 50 pound beach cruiser. No matter where you are on your bike, the stresses from the world seem to dissipate...rapidly, your mind becomes free and the simple thing in life, such as just living, becomes so much more enjoyable.

So anyways, to those who can...I know not all of us are blessed enough to be able to ride through the winter...get on that bike and ride. Life becomes simpler. And as Brock Rossell told me before Thanksgiving...bicycles are the answer for world peace. Lol, so true.
To those interested, Gary Fisher actually inspired this post. Check it out here. http://youtube.com/watch?v=o7tV8pQbaxU


Facelessghost said...

But the best thing about bikes is that they give you sexy legs and even sexier tan lines.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Ahhh...it's great living in California! Just occasional rain to slow us down and put us back in our cars.

Facelessghost said...

And bicycles aren't the answer for world peace, but they'll probably do more for the cause than Hummers.