Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I guess I'm going to try to update this blog a lil more turn you may have to suffer through some boring ones, but I hope to keep things a bit interesting. I guess that all depends on how I'm feeling, how much I have to rant about, and if I can come up with something more than a blog about riding my bike. For now however, you get bikes. Well not entirely, but...just read on.

This past week Ben and Michele were able to come down to SoCal for family baby shower stuff so it was a perfect oppurtunity for us to all go ride together. It's been since last Sept I think when we rode last. They're good company so it was a blast just as I had expected.

They came out to La Crescenta on wednesday and before we rode I gave Ben his new Fork which I had hooked up for him. As I was putting it on his bike I realized that I had been wrong about what parts he would need to adapt it to his frame, strike one against my "expertise". I had the part he needed on an old frame but in order to install it I had to go by work. Problem is, I'm not supposed to Pro Deal anything for other people, and by going to work with his bike and putting on a fork they knew I had bought, might give myself away. Fortunatley the main man wasn't there and the others don't care so it worked out and we got it on and headed to the trail head.

As we were gearing up I noticed on Ben's bike the lack of two important bolts which tighten the stem to the handlebars. Oops, I forgot to put them back on and they were sitting at work. Strike two. To not look like an idiot I quietly rummaged through my truck hoping to have some bolts to replace them, but nothing was found. Time to bite the bullet. I began to tell him and as I did, I remembered reading an article on how some MTB racers take off bolts that aren't really neccessary. Not these ones however. But thinking it out I decided it was safe to risk Ben's safety so we could still ride. I told him they were gone, but it was alright because racers do it and they aren't really needed. We headed out, Ben and Michele with big smiles and me with my fingers crossed. I mean if his handlebars were to slip in a nasty technical section, it could be disastrous, and I think I just might be the one to blame.

Well, by the time we reached the top then made it to the singletrack I had completely forgotten the problem. I even told Ben to follow me off one of the bigger drops on the trail, assuring him it was easy (forgetting a hard landing puts a lot of strain on the joint missing the bolts). Luckily, we finished with no accidents...sorry if you were expecting one. Back at the parking lot I had to confess my sin, at least he was cool about it. Afterall, I guess I was right that they weren't needed. (No, there is no strike three, I don't strike least in my mind)

We got to ride again Saturday morning out in La Verne, Rob came up for it and Craigers, Ben's dad decided he wanted to come along also on a sweet 13 year old bike. It was a fun ride, Ben, Michele, and I holding up the front on the climbing with Rob and Old man Rossell going slow so as not to show any of us up, it was nice of them.
Overall, it was a good weekend, great seeing all of Ben's family, meeting the new members, seeing the old, its always good times with them.

To those who haven't seen me in awhile, yes, I am letting my hair get way to make up for years of weekly hair cuts.

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