Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's generally the simple things in life that make me smile. Maybe this means I have a simple mind, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Everyday at school I see so many different people of different race, sexual orientaion, political motives, and so forth. With so many different types of people, there is a lot to observe and many oppurtunities to rationalize common stereotypes. I won't lie and say that I try not to stereotype different people, because I most certainly do and I get a kick when I see people who completley support one.

For instance, Asians are stereotypically slow people. Both driving and walking. I am so often astonished on the ability of some to walk the speed they do. I absolutley hate getting stuck behind a couple asian girls walking up the stairs or even worse, a couple holding eachother arm in arm. It's hard enough to walk arm in arm with someone, trying to coordinate your footsteps so your hip movments somewhat coincide with your partners. Kind of like a 3 legged race, but slightly easier. So get two Asians walking arm in arm and you'll realize the true meaning of slow.

Then there are the protesters. There are so many ridiculous causes out there that people care about for some reason and you never really realize it until you go to a college campus. I was told today that our Governor, Arnold, would castrate me if he had the oppurtunity. Not sure what that applied to really, but the guy who told me seemed pretty passionate. I guess the stereotype of protesters is that they are a bit loony, which in reality, they really are.

A lot of Blacks go to PCC also. I get a kick out of it when I walk by a group of them and they are there with their boom boxes "rhyming", usually pretty bad, I think a lot of them don't really understand the concept of words that work together. It's still fun to see though, it gives me a smile.

Now for the Armenians, the felt sweat suits, expensive jewelry, conversations of their Escalades on dubs, and the word "bro" used as much as valley girls use "like".

Then we have white people, although not as many, they are still around. The white kids problem is that they have no clue what they are. The hipsters who follow the "Hipster Handbook" perfectly, the ones who think they are Jamaican and sport the dreads and the rasta beenies, the pretentious ones like myself walking around stereotyping everyone, and the lil punk rock kids who come from wealthy families but dress to look poor in their own rebellion against the "Man"...whoever that is, I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Anyways, I have friends in classes of every race so this isn't meant to be at all derogatory. Everyone doesn't fit a stereotype, most people are completely normal, or as close to what normal would be if there was such thing. But, to the few out there who fulfill the stereotypes, thank you for making me smile, keep it up.


Facelessghost said...

You don't know who The Man is? He's the guy we stick it to. Dude, bro!

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

You sure do see a LOT of interesting people on a college campus!

Abominable Snowman said...

Pretty much on target I'd say.