Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you really want what you say you do?

I work at a bike shop, yet we are a corporation, therefor, we abide to what corporate wants. Customer Service is a huge factor. We pledge 100% satisfaction, and sometimes it seems to be 1000% satisfaction. Here a re a couple examples from just my store.

Example 1:
Customer buys a bike for 1300 bucks, rides it for a year. Never once was the bike taken care of. He began bringing the bike to us after buying from another store. WE fix the bike for free, he rides it, doesn't take care of it, then brings it back for us to fix again expressing his gross discontent for the product our company sold him. We fix it, it comes back, etc. This goes on for about 3 months. Not once did the bike ever come to us showing any signs of the customer fulfilling his obligation of regular maintenance.
Long story short, he cries, calls the District Manager, and gets a full refund a year later.
This pissed everyone I work with off, seeing how this guy totally took advantage of us, and did it smugly.

Example 2:
Cutomer buys both a road bike and mountain bike from Performance. After 3 years of owning these bikes, the customer writes a 5 page letter to our corporate office and complains of how his bikes rust too easily, and therefor are defective products.
I don't care what bike you own, if you payed $10-10,000, you leave it outside, it will rust.
But this customer was rewarded for his own negligence. He recieved at no cost, two bikes to replace the ones he bought, each costing 3 times the cost of the original bikes.

Now, where am I going with this? I work in a shop full of people (not all) who are open about a vision of a Socialist America.

Yet, all these people are deeply disgusted with how these customers were rewarded despite our deepest efforts to help them with their problems.

Now, how does re-distribution of wealth work? Just like what my co-workers are upset about. Performance spread their wealth to the others who wanted expensive stuff, but just couldn't afford to do it honestly.

In a socialized America, which sadly I see more and more people craving, the dishonest, the trash of society will be empowered.

Socialism may sound wonderful to some, but I know that the act of it is something no one can logically accept. Sadly, many minds are distorted, and I know why. I go to college in California. Every class I have had this semester has attacked conservatism in an "artful" manner, in order to influence students.

So now when I see people taking advantage of our "customer satisfaction", I shut them dow, hard, if its not legit. I have a reputation now at work for being tough on returns.

"Oh, your computer doesn't work? Let me show you that it really does...NO REFUND!!"

Basically I'm just sick of people who take advantage of things, ruining it for others. Thats ultimatley why there can never be a perfect world, these people will always be around.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Faceless Ghost said...

I agree. In fact, I was going to write a similar post, but now I don't have to. My spread-the-wealth friends are horrified by frivolous lawsuits ("why should someone be compensated for their negligence?"). But when you suggest something like cutting the Social Security tax and letting people invest their income themselves, my friends are equally horrified ("not everyone will save--it's not fair that some people not enjoy a comfortable retirement just because they didn't have the discipline to prepare").


Kelsey said...

Well said.

The born again barbie, greenest goddess and inroducing Fertile Octogenarian v. Unborn Widow (it's a rules against perpetuities thing said...

Well said. i love this always politics and bikes, what else is there.

Bennett Rossell said...

I see truth in this.

Michelle Rossell said...

deep thoughts by Sean Jeppsen
ps. we're coming to your neck of the woods FOR GOOD (we hope) in 2 weeks! i think you know how excited we are about that...