Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Do We Believe What We Do?

I could write on this topic infinitley, one thought leads to another and to another, and it could go forever, to spare you and my fingers I am going to attempt to present the basis of my thoughts as quickly and direct as possible and hopefully let your own mind take it from there.

Why do we beleive what we do?

We are products of our enviroment and our ideas are formed from what we experience in life; in the enviroment which we exist.

We have free will and reach a point in life where we can choose an enviroment to exist within; such as work, school, sports, friends and social ativities.

As we have the free will to choose our enviroment we also have the same will to absorb beliefs and opnions discriminatley.

Yet, we are limited to absorb only which is present in the enviroment we chose to be in.

Right and wrong is deciphered through which we choose to absorb.

We are limited to absorb what is within the enviroment we chose.

We choose our enviroment.

We choose right and wrong.

Right and wrong is not as clear cut s black and white.

We do not choose blck and white, they already exist, they are immortal.

Right and wrong is not.

As we journey through life and disagree with others, lets remember that as we have chosen what is right and wrong, they have to.

Arguments are futile, we can not change anothers enviroment which they chose, which creates their beliefs.

But one can be a part of anothers enviroment and provide a part of your own enviroment to be shared.

If you let another persons enviroment affect your own too much, then it is your fault, because we you chose on your own.

...ok, I lost myself, my mind is going in too many different directions now to interpret through text.

Ummmm, hopefully this was somewhat interesting, but I don't care, my mind is stimulated.

By the way my "A" button doesn't work well.

And finally as I write this watching American History X, remind me to write a blog on it.

Oh finally finally, it is extremely difficult to articulate my thought in such a primitive form as writing...

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Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

That's so true. For instance, so often we try to understand the world through the lens of our own experiences. We assume that everyone will be as "reasonable" as we are and then we're stunned to find out that they're not. We see that a lot in the political arena.