Thursday, April 17, 2008

New toys

Ok, a follow up.

Yes Kelsey, I got a new car, or a new old car. It's a 2003 Pontiac Vibe, same as a Toyota Matrix but usually goes for about 2 grand less and has a factory roof rack, a definite plus. I got the GT version so it has a six speed manual tranny (sorry Eric, but if you wanna drive it you better learn), Kelsey you can drive it...the seat even moves forward so you can reach the pedals! It has 180 hp opposed to the 150 in other models. All and all it suits me really well, the roof rack, the seats that fold down really well, the sunroof with plenty of headroom to spare, the "premium sound" (which is a lot better than the stereo in my truck!), Pirelli tires, FOG LIGHTS!, front sway bar, power everything which makes me feel all high class and alloy wheels (which I really don't like, a bit cheesy but it's cool).
On top of a new car, I really felt I needed another new I got a bike, surprise right? Well this particular bike cost me 50 bucks and I have to say it's the pride and joy of the fleet. I don't know what year it is, 70's I think. It's got semi horizontal dropouts so you know what that means! If you don't, which is most of you, it means the derailleurs are gone and its evolved into a single speed. I've worked on it a bit and it's almost finished. I'm using as many original parts as I can, frame, bars (classic style), brakes, crankset, levers, post, and saddle. But along with that I have to choose a gearing option that would be somewhat versatile. The crankset basically leaves me with a 53 or 39 tooth , I chose the 53, pretty high, but I threw a 20 tooth cog onto it to give me a chain length of 70, most road single speeds run about 67 so it's close enough. Anyways, the bike is going to Eric, I'm thinking about making it fixed but I'm unsure if he could/wants to ride with no freewheel. I might just do it anyways and then he'll be forced to learn how to ride one! Here it is. ( The wheels aren't the originals , if you couldn't tell. I'm just not down with 27 " wheels, what a pain in the butt they are)

It needs bar tape, I'm thinking yellow, maybe green, any suggestions? The only condition is that the color totally clashes with everything else on the bike (for Eric's sake)


Facelessghost said...

Dude, bro. Those chrome rims are so you.

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Let's just say that unlike the car, the bike is a real beater :-)

The car is nice--only thing is, we can't hear Sean coming anymore. You might say he's now driving a stealth.

Kelsey said...

Have you thought about pink and making the bike girly?