Monday, April 14, 2008

Triple Valley Stage Race

So, I did it.

Eric, your constant nagging paid off and you got me to race.

All and all it was good. Dissapointing the first stage, gratifying the second and a mix on the third. These feeling had nothing to do with results, but more so the way Cat 5's race. In retrospect, I would've planned my final move on the third stage better. Only 3 seconds out of third, I should've outsprinted the guy ahead of me at the line instead of throwing the hail mary 1km from the line. Then I could've got the time bonus to boost me into the top 3. Oh well, 4th in my first stage race is cool.

I feel motivated to train a bit harder, not longer but more intense. Taking fourth in the Time Trial was a great achievment. A measure of indivisual strength, nothing else. The 3 who beat me had TT bikes and all the aero stuff to go with. I had a 21 pound bike with clip on bars which I was riding basically for the first time. Looking at the pics, I wasn't really that aero, so I can be happy I powered through into fourth.

Anyways, I hopefully will be racing again this weekend...another Stage Race...I'm going to be so tired. It will suit me better though, some big climbs to really separate those pansies looking for the participation awards from those who actually want blood. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my truck hasn't passed away at the mechanics while I was in UT.

Here are some pics from the weekend. I'd like to thank my personal photographers, Kelsey, Eric, Ben, you guys are great!
Warming up before the first stage

Just before the TT finish line
Neutral rollout, stage 3, always got time to pose.

In the breakaway group, stage 3

After my hail mary, right before the least one guy couldn't hang w/ the pace I set
Post race (I'm stepping, my leg isn't jacked up)
Finally Eric sprinting from the restroom before his race starts.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Good job! Congratulations!
(And great pics, team photographers)

Facelessghost said...

Well, I guess I don't have to post that picture on my blog anymore.

Good job, and good luck in AZ.