Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The time has come

I have taken the advice of many, ignored the advice of many more. I have fought the battle against my own mind and succumbed to the will of one.
Yes, thats me, again wearing spandex, but now I have a sponser. A secondary one (to Dad), although i bought the kit at cost and only get a minor discount at Montrose Bike, it's a step towards the point of no return. There is no quitting at this point. I'm just now bridging into the greatest team America has ever seen. A team that is owned by an eccentric bilionaire. I was promised hot girls knocking at the door at 1-2 weeks just for wearing the kit. The team has their own Winnabeargo!

So back to the point...or lack of a point. I have enjoyed the races I have done, hated the suffering during the rides and my training before them. Yet, still after I recover I look forward to the next race, then get anxious knowing that each race will be pushing me to the maximum of my physical capabilty, a level of pain I have not yet felt. Is it my addictive personality that leads me to this pain? Is it me trying to prove that my physical talents didn't end in HS? Maybe I just want to be better than other people...or that I want to be able to tell people that I actually do something with my life, when asked what I do in my spare time I can say something more than the generic "well you know, hang out with friends and watch TV". I couldn't live with myself if that was the most interesting thing about me. Sadly, for many, especially a few girls I have dated recently, this is the most interesting thing.

I refuse to be mundane. I will avoid this by racing. So far it has worked, I have a date with a 6 foot tall blonde on Saturday night. I once told Rob that I didn't want to race because it would take all my time and I wanted to leave time for girls...he said I should because Iwould get more girls. I thought of the girls I've seen at races...and he would be right if I was a lesbian, but I'm not. However, girls do dig winners. Thats my motivation, the more I win, the more those tights become sexy.

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Facelessghost said...

You're on to something. Tell girls that you race bikes and they think you're a freak. Tell them that you win bike races and everything changes.