Tuesday, June 19, 2007

300...THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

Ok, so I watched a particular movie today, we'll leave it unnamed for ...copyright, legal...etc issues. But it happened to be about ...lets say, 300 spartans battling to the death against the Iranian regime (PERSIANS) Unfortunatley, I never saw this movie in the theatre, buts its not on DVD yet, so I guess I got the 2nd best thing. Anywhos, I was amazed. For many reasons, not just the movie. First lets start on how I was able to see the movie when its not in theatres and not released on DVD yet.
Lets just say that a certain branch of the military felt a need to rid a few bad guys of their lives in a certain part of the world and some unamed aircraft were sent to take care of business and some anonymous people were sent along to assist in maintaining these anonymous aircraft and while in this unmentioned country certain unnamed movies were available for a relatively inexpensive cost and these unnamed people felt justified in purchasing this mysterious merchandise...and long story short, through the deaths of "bad men" I was enabled the oppurtunity..for...well, this blog I guess.
The movie was about 300 Spartans basically devastating every Iranian (Persian) soldier who came there way. For once Hollywood...you rock! One of the scenes that stuck out in my mind was the first battle scene. After the head Spartan speaks to the hunchback of...Sparta, on how they succeed on fighting as one, they defend their honor against those schizo Iranians (persians) by working as..an amoeba...(Coach Jack would be proud of them) They work as one in these movements, shields up, then 1 word and the men open up and kill tons of Iranians (persians) then close again in defense.
I thought this was awesome...it made me realize, that during basic training, when learning to march and move with 40 other people all at the same time, I was really LEARNING TO KILL IRANIANS (persians) It gives it all meaning and you wont ever hear me gripe about it again.
All and all the movie, which will remain unmentioned due to legalities revolving around it s true release date...WAS AWESOME! I just wish I could've seen it on the big screen. And yes, I enjoyed it despite the airbrushed six packs and veins...and everything else added to make the Spartans look more "manly". The Iranians (persians) got their butts kicked and I smiled the whole time.
If you ever happen to find a movie similar to my descriptions...check it out. It will be well worth your time.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

I heard a review of that movie when it was in the theaters. The reviewer LOVED it. The only thing he didn't like was all the abs! Wonder when it will come out on dvd so the commom folk can see it? ;-)

Facelessghost said...

I told you you'd like that movie.

You're taking about Wallace and Grommit, right?