Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's Summer!

Ok, the weather here throws me off everyday. Last week we were in the 80's everys day, yet rain came every afternoon. This week however was different. As I'd walk out my room before 6 in the morning, I'd be overwhelmed w/ the heat and humidity so early in the day. Today, the forecast was to be 92 w/ high humidity. Throughout the day...I suffered w/ the weather...but after work, a lightning warning was issued. I looked in the skies and saw no signs of any strange weather. I thought, well, the weatherman is seriously wrong today. But in fact, I was to quick to judge. About 2:00, the skies opened and the rain fell, but not only fell, it rained like no rain I've ever seen...only for a short while though.
After work my buddy wanted to hit the slackline, after dinner we headed out. There was a lil rain but it seemed the storm passed us and was just dying out. We proceeded to the lake...and on the way, the skies opened once again. It was to the point where I literally couldn't see 30 yards ahead of me.
We decided the storm was moving fast and we'd be in no danger as the lightning would pass along with the storm. We got to the lake, set the slackline and walked it. Then...BOOM, CRASH!! The lightning was overhead us and the skies opened up as if the God's flushed the toilet and forgot to close the drain onto earth. Nevertheless, we continued to walk between two trees, standing out as lightning rods as lightning and thunder lit the skies around us for at least an hour. To say the least...it was a rush, eevery time we got on the line, we were waiting for the storm to take us out.
It eventually passed by and we were alive...although we never expected that outcome. All and all, a storm like we saw today was something I never even believed was possible. It was amazing, and to be outside in it, tempting it to challenge us...was equally amazing.
It's June...how can the weather be so violent...I've got to say though, I love tropical storms. Bring the next one...I'll be on the line again, tempting that lightning to strike me down... but, I know its afraid of the wrath I will unveil the first time it tries to strike me.


UpstateCityFolk said...

Where are you stationed and what is slacklining?

Abominable Snowman said...

Ah, foolish mortal! Don't tempt the gods, it's a suckers bet! I have been in some lightening storms in the Rockies where the lightening came so fast and furious I was sure the end was here. It was very, very scary. I also remember some really wild electrical storms when we lived in the mid-west. The forces of nature can be amazingly awesome. We mortals get a little cocky and Mother Nature quickly reminds us who is in charge. It sound like the rain, not to mention the lightening, was pretty crazy. I'm glad you didn't get zapped!

Al-Heshima said...

I'm stationed @ Hurlburt Fld, FL...(western FL panhandle) Slacklining is...close to tight rope walking, yet different, a 1 inch piece of webbing is strung between two object, tightened, but still w/ slack, and it is walked on. You Tube slackline and you'll see plenty of examples.