Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free Ball

I'm sure you can relate to this Eric. I stumbled across CV playing Brentwood in a volleyball game tonight on You Tube. CV got it handed to them but whatever...what really brought back memories was, not only they were at CV's gym, but at one point you hear a coach/spectator saying "FREE BALL, FREE BALL" To those who don't know the game well, this means it's your teams chance to bring the pain. Anyways, the outside hitter gets the set, and brings the pain.
It's hard not to remember playing, and as soon as that free ball came, the confidence was instilled inside of you so much that if you just get the set, its going down. Especially when I was hitting the 4 spot, that free ball would come, I would yell as loud as I could at the setter..."4,4,4!!!!" It didn't matter if the other team knew exactly where it's going, because you were going to get the perfect set...and the perfect kill.
I really need to play again, I forgot how much fun I had when I did play. REAL volleyball is amazing.
Anyways, just thought I would share that.


Facelessghost said...

I know the feeling. Too bad it's so hard to come across other people who know how to play.

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Warching you guys playing real volleyball was pretty amazing too!