Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hooray for AAA

Alright, so Saturday night was almost the most embarassing first date moment I've had...I'll keep this brief, after Kayla and I had dinner in Destin and wandered the local sites, we headed out to the beach for a moon lit walk by the water. I parked on the side of Highway 98, pretty much in the middle of the two nearest cities. We had a good time and decided to head back to the car. I was parked in a sandy spot and I'm sure you got it already, I got stuck. Ya, I know I have 4 wheel drive but it didn't have a chance to engage because I only went a foot before being stopped by quicksand (thats what I'm going to say it was). Now I know basically how to get out of a quick stick like that but there was NO chance of saving the wheels from being buried to the axles here. After digging around the tires, trying again and repeating (feeling like a complete moron at this point), I finally admited... going against all male pride signals...that I was stuck. I expected her to be upset, or "like oh my gosh, I cant believe you like got us stuck like way out here..." But apparently while I was digging and trying to get us out, she was holding in laughter, not at me, but the situation. She got a kick out of it.

Fortunatley, I have AAA, (Thank you Mom a thousand times!!) I called for help, and they said it would be an hour. Normally on a first date that would not be what you want to hear...the immense possibilities for awkward moments is magnified beyond anyones desire to experience, especially at the end of a date, stuck in a car on the side of a highway. All and all, it turned out to be great, no awkward moments, no need for conversation the whole time, but enough to be fun, and not a single awkard feeling. So I guess it turned out a quite swell way to end the night.

Oh yeah, she especially had fun riding in the truck as it was winched out of the holes it was stuck in. I told her I actually planned this all out because I knew it would be fun for her to experience an off road recovery.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. I still feel stupid though, but sometimes stupidity can help.


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Boy you go all out for that memorable date, don't you!
(You're welcome)

Abominable Snowman said...

As someone who may have experienced being stuck once or twice in my life, I share your pain. Sand is wicked at best. Stay out of it, especially in two wheel drive!! I will always remember a trip to Canyonlands. We had drven up Salt Creek, an offroad trail riddledwith deep sand and water (read quicksand). We had a blast but it was a challenging trail. As we emerged from the trail we noted a passenger car whose passengers were contemplating the the trail ahead. We thought surely the would not be so mentall challenged as to tempt fate and attempt the trail. Nevertheless, we pulled up the road a bit and parked on the side of the road to obseve. Sure enough, a few minutes later they obviously conclded that two wheel drive was as good as four wheel drve and headed up the trail. They did not make it more than 20 yards before they were buried up to the axles! Don't mess with bottomless sand!

Al-Heshima said...

Bottomless can only learn from experience.