Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Day in the Water

Today was a blast. After work (I get off in the early hours of the morning), I went water skiing, boating, etc. About 7 people from my shop hit the water in two boats, two fast boats. First we went water skiing in the sound while the water wasn't too chopped up (same place I went kayaking w/ the parentals). I had no problem on two skis despite only having done it once before a LONG time ago. My first fall though didn't give much prospect to future children but I recovered. I felt it good, was able to get outta the wake, go side to side, all that jazz.

The second time I got out, after I fell, I was told I couldn't do two skis anymore and had to graduate to one. I was apprehensive at first but I gave it a try. The first time I got up, but wankered out due to the instability of the ski. I felt it though and the second time I was up til I let go. I gotta say it was a world of difference between 2 skis and one, I'll never use two again.

I might not be able to ski on snow here but on the water, especially on a single ski is very similar to ripping down a powder bowl....the water will suffice for now.

After skiing, our two boats raced to a place called crab island. Blasting through the oceans open water is a thrill, I never knew how much boats could fly. It was a rush. Crab Island is a place where people w/ boats go, anchor and just hang out. The water is about 2-4 ft deep and a couple hundred boats will all be achored there. While there we found plenty of sand dollars, tube worms, hermit crabs...and lil mini crabs who had a fetish for pinching me. They were to small to hurt, but they seemed to only go for me. I don't know why.

Anywhos, it was fun today...I cant wait to get back on the water skis...hopefully we can arrange something over the reunion...??? --here are a few pics


Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

Where did you get the professional water skier pics? Wait...was that you?! You look great and it sounds like a fantastic day! You'll have to take the "parentals" to crab island the next time we come.

Abominable Snowman said...

Looks like it was a great day on the water! Pretty impressive to see you up on ONE waterski! Rock on! A picture tells a thousand tales... thanks for including the pics - they are fun.

Keep smiling!